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With the words from Dr. Cornell West, “In this historic moment of reckoning, let us remember those monumental events of barbarity that shape who and what we are…”  I was honored to have been chosen as one of the official photographers via The Soul City Network for this commemorative event in Tulsa, OK at Greenwood.  It was one thing to see this story on TV on several occasions before, but another to physically stand on the streets where this atrocity occurred; as well, hear the hidden truths that have yet to be told in the classrooms or media.  I still haven't processed it all, but rest assured that I’m forever enlightened to the true State of our Union.
Anthony Brinkley "Tony B" a Tulsa native. - Poet The Soul City Network Team - The only 100% Black owned TV Network. 100th Anniversary Tulsa Massacre Street Parade Attorney Ben Crump Mayor Johnny Ford - Tuskegee | Queen Mother Dr. Delois Blakely | Mayor Leila Davis Mayor Leila Foley Davis - 1st African American Woman Mayor in the United States Dr. Jana B. Woodhouse - First African American Woman to trade full time on the Wall Street floor in New York City. Declaration Chant by Queen Mother Blakely"Cut the Check!!" Reparations Former Brady Mansion, now owned by retired NFL player Former Brady Mansion, now owned by retired NFL player. Center for Public SecretsGallery of documents detailing the calculated attack of the Black Wall Street citizens. Center of Public Secrets Matt McCoy - Soul City Network

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Traveling Through New York's Penn Station Just Got Glamorous Wanderlusters can expect to see a little more sophistication in 2021, thanks to a modern new train hall that has opened its doors across the street from the iconic Madison Square Gardens/New York's Penn Station.  This will become one of my favorite stops as I commute daily; probably because it will have a huge Food Court along with my favorite Magnolia Bakery.

Traveling Through New York's Penn Station Just Got Glamorous

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